New Beginnings


For the past 3-years, Blacksmith Store has been able to grow, develop and expand thanks to the continued support of our customers. We can't thank you enough for your contribution and encouragement throughout.
Since it's inception, Blacksmith was run single-handedly whilst I continued in full-time work. Due to this situation, I wasn't able to provide customers with the service they deserve and in-turn, fell short on the standards I hoped to deliver.
Over the past year my situation has changed significantly. In December 2017 I was diagnosed with a complicated neurological condition. The following months I depended on friends and family to continue with the operations and dispatch of orders, resulting in inevitable delays and complications. In March 2018, I underwent brain surgery to fix the issue and prevent further life-threatening risks.
Following these events, I have taken the decision to leave full time work in order to focus on the growth of Blacksmith, giving it the commitment it deserves.
Over the past few months I have been working towards a complete restructure of the company. We’ve partnered up with a third party warehouse to deal with order fulfilment and processing, giving us the ability to efficiently dispatch orders with a quick turnaround.
There are some exciting projects going on behind the scenes and I look forward to sharing them with everyone who’s been a part of our journey.
Endless thanks to my friends, family, the NHS and anyone who’s ever supported Blacksmith.
If you have any questions please do not hesitate to send us an email.